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AI Mail Assistant

Your smart AI-powered tool designed to streamline collaboration and boost productivity in your Google workspace.

Install AI Mail Assistant

Experience the power of AI with our AI Mail Assistant, a smart tool that integrates seamlessly with your Google workspace. This Intelligent Email Software simplifies email management, alleviates information overload, and bridges communication gaps, optimizing productivity and ensuring swift, accurate responses. Embrace efficient email workflow with AI Mail Assistant.

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How AI Mail Assistant Works

AI Mail Assistant, your AI Email Management system within Gmail, effortlessly responds to queries and streamlines workplace communication. Experience seamless email interaction and productivity with our Intelligent Email Software.

Generate answers

Using the most advanced AI, this feature quickly generates intelligent responses to your emails, drastically reducing your daily correspondence workload. It's a game-changer for email management, freeing up your time for more critical tasks.

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Choose your preferred language from a list of 13 available options for translating your email or draft. Then, simply click on "Translate Mail" or "Translate Draft" based on your needs. Our system will promptly provide a translation in your selected language.


Simply click on "Summarize Email" and our AI system will instantly generate a concise bullet-point summary of your email conversation, allowing you to grasp the key details swiftly and effortlessly.

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Improve your drafts

Compose your email or response, then click "Improve Draft" to launch our AI-powered proofreading. The system analyzes your text, corrects grammar errors, typos, and refines unclear phrases, delivering a clear, polished draft ready to be sent.

Ask a question to ChatGPT

Input your question or request in the field and our AI system will analyze and promptly provide accurate answers or content, catering to your needs. The "Ask a question to ChatGPT" feature also enables queries beyond the standard features, perfect for instances where a personalized prompt is needed.

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Getting Started with
AI Mail Assistant

Click the "Add to Gmail" button on this page to install AI Gmail Assistant.

After installation, you'll be able to use our AI assistant on your Gmail account

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