About Klart AI

Klart AI is at the forefront of transforming how businesses interact with data and automation. Our cutting-edge Enterprise-grade Autonomous AI technology is meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing corporate ecosystems. We are committed to revolutionizing how companies operate, enhancing productivity, and enabling smarter, faster decision-making processes.

User Satisfaction

Klart AI answers are always on point with your documentation and have 96% satisfaction score for AI asnwers.

Active users

+3k active enterprise users and growing.

First Contact Resolution

80% of you questions are answered by our AI. On average only 20% is escalated to the team.

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Our story

Founded in 2023, Klart AI has grown from a humble startup to a leader in the AI technology space. Our journey is marked by significant milestones and achievements, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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Why we created Klart AI?

Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes by providing sophisticated AI solutions that streamline operations and optimize performance. By automating routine tasks and processes, we free up your human talent to focus on what truly matters—innovation and growth.

Meet our founders

Our founders, experienced professionals in relevant industries, directly faced the challenges Klart AI solves. Their deep understanding led them to create actionable, cutting-edge solutions that address these issues effectively and drive business success.

Noyan Bilge
CEO & Co-Founder
Erol Koseoglu
CTO & Co-founder

We're backed by incredible institutions & investors

Klart AI is backed by Station FKlart AI is backed by Campus Founders in GermanyKlart AI is backed by Hub France IA from FranceKlart AI is backed by D11Z Ventures from Europe
Backed by IPAIBacked by the Technology University of MunichKlart AI is backed by Amazon, precisely AWS.Backed by Microsoft
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We strive to lead the industry by fostering creativity and embracing new ideas. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to redefine the limits of artificial intelligence.

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We take responsibility for our actions and the outcomes they produce. Klart AI is committed to delivering on our promises and achieving exceptional results for our clients.

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Customer Centricity

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to understanding and meeting their needs, delivering personalized, effective solutions that drive their success.

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Team Work

We believe that the best solutions come from working together. Internally and with our clients, we encourage open communication and team synergy to solve complex challenges.

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Honesty and transparency guide every decision we make. We build trust with our partners, clients, and employees by upholding the highest ethical standards in all our interactions.

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We prioritize streamlined operations that enhance productivity and reduce waste. Our AI solutions are designed to help businesses achieve more with less, maximizing efficiency and driving sustainable success.

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