AI Teams Assistant

The AI Teams Assistant is an intelligent virtual partner designed to enhance efficiency and teamwork by providing answers, automating processes, and optimizing communication within Microsoft Teams.

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Connect with your company AI directly from Microsoft Teams

Access the AI Teams Assistant in your Teams apps. Start a dialogue by asking a question and enjoy an engaging chat experience.

Talk to AI Teams Assistant in any Team channel

Add Klart AI Teams Assistant to a channel and kick off a conversation by using the @Klart AI Assistant command. Continue your interaction within the thread for uninterrupted communication.

Make it learn

Enhance its capabilities by providing feedback. Improve its responses by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down buttons.

Connect your databases and tools for a more intelligent AI

Seamlessly integrate your internal databases and tools with our AI Assistant. Get quick, customized responses adhering to your company policies, complete with source URLs for additional context, ensuring precise and effective solutions to your inquiries.

Getting Started with Klart AI Assistant for Teams

Click the "Get Started" button to register and install Klart AI Assistant in your Microsoft Teams. After installation, you will be directed to a confirmation page with details on how to initiate using Klart AI in your workspace.

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