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Why choose Klart AI ?

Discover the power of Klart AI, the ultimate AI Assistant for businesses, designed to enhance workplace productivity and employee engagement.

Unlock Efficiency and Collaboration
with Klart AI's Seamless Integration

Explore how Klart AI can reduce support costs, improve agent productivity, and elevate employee engagement by providing instant, AI-powered assistance.

Automated Responses to Repetitive Questions

Klart AI connects with your internal tools and knowledge bases to offer immediate, accurate responses to frequently asked questions, saving time and resources.

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Before and after Klart AI

Efficient, Policy-Compliant Assistance

Klart AI delivers rapid, accurate answers aligned with your company's policies, saving time for requesters and responders. Boost productivity with AI-powered support that adheres to your organization's guidelines.

Ongoing Learning and Improvement

Klart AI continuously learns from employee interactions, refining its responses based on user feedback and becoming more effective over time.

Stay up to date with your data using Klart AI. We automatically sync your data whenever possible. Set up a webhook or manually trigger a sync to ensure seamless integration.

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Boost Productivity in Familiar Environments

Klart AI integrates seamlessly with Slack & Teams, allowing employees and support agents to handle queries without context switching, improving productivity and user experience.

Future-Proof Integration and Scalability

Klart AI is constantly evolving, with plans to integrate additional tools and platforms to further enhance your team's capabilities and efficiency, ensuring a future-proof solution for your business.

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GDPR Compliant

Secure & GDPR Compliant

Klart AI prioritizes data security and privacy, employing robust measures to protect your information. As a GDPR compliant solution, we adhere to stringent EU data protection regulations, ensuring your data is secure and handled responsibly.

We also have a signed DPA with OpenAI for data protection of our customers.

Introducing Our Comprehensive AI-Powered Suite

Experience enhanced productivity and collaboration with Klart AI's range of intelligent apps, designed to streamline communication and information access across Slack, Teams, and Gmail.

AI Slack Assistant

Elevate your team's Slack experience with our AI Slack Assistant. Seamlessly integrated into your workspace, it offers instant access to essential information, automates repetitive tasks, and fosters more efficient collaboration among team members.

AI Slack Assistant Visual
AI Teams Assistant Visual

AI Teams Assistant

Transform the way your team interacts on Microsoft Teams with our AI Teams Assistant. By providing real-time AI-driven support, it ensures that employees can access critical information, resolve issues, and collaborate effectively within the familiar Teams environment.

AI Mail Assistant

Upgrade your Gmail experience with our AI Mail Assistant. This powerful add-on enhances your email communications by offering automated responses, translation services, grammar enhancements, and much more, ensuring your messages are clear, professional, and effective.

AI Mail Assistant Visual

Embrace the Future of AI-Driven Support with Klart AI

Experience the transformative power of Klart AI by scheduling a personalized demo with our product experts, tailored to your business needs.

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