AI Slack Assistant

The AI Slack Assistant is a smart virtual helper that boosts productivity and collaboration by answering questions, automating tasks, and streamlining communication within Slack.

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Connect with your company AI directly from Slack

Navigate to AI Slack Assistant in your Slack apps, initiate a conversation by posing a question, and enjoy the interactive chat experience. To begin a new conversation, simply click on "Restart conversation."

Talk to AI Slack Assistant on a public or private channel

Invite Klart AI Slack Assistant to a channel and initiate a conversation by mentioning @Klart AI Assistant command. Carry on the discussion within the thread for a seamless interaction.

Make it learn

Give feedback and make it learn from your exchanges by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down buttons.

Connect your databases and tools for a smarter AI

Effortlessly integrate your internal tools with our AI Assistant. Experience lightning-fast responses tailored to your company guidelines, along with the source URL for further reference, ensuring accurate and efficient answers to your questions.

Getting Started with Klart AI Slack Assistant

Click the "Get Started" button to create an account and install Klart AI Assistant into your Slack workspace. After installation, you'll be redirected to a confirmation page with instructions on how to start using Klart AI in your workspace.

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